LP Duo ap

Awards and prizes

  • 2011
    Special Prize “for the biggest individuality” at the Piano Duo Competition Bialystok
  • 2010
    Bruno “Frey Stiftung Landesakademie” – Prize of Baden-Württemberg Province in Germany.
  • 2009
    The City of Belgrade Award for youth creativity
    The Award of Serbian Music Artists Association (UMUS) for best young artists
  • 2008
    After several qualification stages, together with more than 100 duos from all around the world, LP Duo entered the final stage of the competition (eight best piano duos on the Globe) at the biggest world competition “Dranoff Miami Two Pianos Competition”  Miami, Florida, in March 2008. On that occasion, they gave five recitals at Miami University’s Clarke Recital Hall.
  • After receiving Special Prize at the Piano Duo Competition Bialystok (Poland)  in 2008, they performed on a tour in several Polish cities in June 2009.
  • 2007
    First and Special Prize at the Eleventh International Competition for Contemporary Chamber Music in Krakow (Poland)
  • 2006
    Second Prize (two pianos category) and Third Prize (four-hands category) at the Chopin Roma competition in.
  • 2005
    Third Prize at the Chopin Roma competition of piano duos in 2005 (two pianos category),
  • 2005
    LP Duo received special prize from “Young talent fondation” ( foudned by Goverment of Serbia) for the great International success