LP Duo – new concert season is starting now!

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We are very proud to announce that LP Duo new concert season 2012-2013 is starting now!

Season 2012-2013 will be very exciting and rich in diversity. Follow us and experience music by Ravel and Bach concerto  for 4 pianos, Steve Reich’s piece for 18 musicians and silent disco project for 4 analog synthesizers.

LP Duo will perform internationally – “Do you love John Cage?” –  project for prepared pianos in Croatia and Slovenia, CD promotion concert tour in Denmark, premieres of the newest pieces by European composers who mix up contemporary music with different music genres.

We will play one of our favorite pieces – Petrushka by Stravinsky, give lectures and masterclass for young piano duos, perform the art & science concert for two pianos and particle accelerator – in cooperation with the University of Oxford.

Bose -Einstein condensate and two pianos? Sounds interesting!

Stay with us, complete calendar is coming soon!